How it Works

PackageBee is an integration platform that allows online businesses to easily connect their online stores to their fulfillment providers and shipping platforms


Easy to Use

PackageBee makes it easy to add integrations to all of your sales channels. Send your orders to your fulfillment provider from online stores, eCommerce marketplaces, retail outlets, and more.



Easily add store integrations

Easily add an integration


Monitor order status.

Easily add an integration


Key Benefits for Online Merchants

With a PackageBee integration, orders will be automatically sent from your shopping cart to your fulfillment provider. Upon shipment, tracking information will be automatically uploaded back your cart.

key benefits schematic

Key Benefits

  • Automate time-consuming and redundant tasks

  • Replace error-prone manual processes

  • Sync available inventory to your cart

  • Avoid the cost of building custom plugins

  • Avoid the hassles of maintaining your own integration

  • Scale your business growth



PackageBee contains a useful set of features allowing you to manage and customize new automated workflows.


Easily add an integration

Manage Multiple Sales Channels

  • Monitor each sales channel on an individual basis
  • Set workflow rules for specific stores
  • Update inventory levels in cart by SKU

Monitor Orders

  • Search orders by attribute or status
  • Track orders from cart to fulfillment provider and back to cart
Easily add an integration
Easily add an integration

Improve Operations

  • Set multiple user roles to provide access to team members from different groups
  • Utilize multiple warehouse locations
  • Route orders based on characteristics

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